Eight Screen-Free Activities Kids in Banbury Love

In this 60-second speed read, we share eight ace ideas to help children and teenagers take a break from their screens.

Many family homes across Banbury are now doubling up as school classrooms.

The remote lockdown learning added to gaming and social media use means many young people spend up to 80-90 per cent of their waking time looking at computer screens.

While educationally it’s essential, it’s also important they have some ways to ditch the digital and do something different that doesn’t involve screen time.

Here are eight easy ideas to play around with:

1)            Read a book. (We told you they were easy).

2)            Play balloon sports, football, tennis etc. – works inside and outside.

3)            Have a paper aeroplane flying contest.

4)            Write a note to a school friend and post it.

5)            All gather around and play a board game.

6)            Cook a meal together.

7)            Start the day with a walk.

8)            Draw how they think the homes of the future will look.

At Distinct Property Consultants we love points 5 (anyone for Monopoly?) and 8 – it’ll be fascinating to see what your architects of the future create so feel free to share their drawings with us.

Thanks for reading and stay safe, stay hopeful and stay active.

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