Looking for a Good Letting Agent? Read This

Being a landlord can mean spending your evenings, plunger in hand, looking down a loo, wishing you’d approached letting out your property differently.

Or, it can mean a hassle-free life where someone else is dealing with any problems or mishaps that can and will happen. Not to mention keeping you on the right side of the legal maze which landlords need to navigate.

The easiest way to avoid rental headaches is to work with a good letting agent.

But what does ‘good’ look like?

Use these simple tips to identify the right agency for you and your property portfolio.

  • Local knowledge

A letting agent doesn’t need to be born and bred somewhere to know an area well. But they do need to know the neighbourhoods. The best tenants will want to be active community members and need answers to questions about their potential new home town, especially if they are moving for work reasons.

  • Quality service

All businesses promise the best customer service. Identifying if they actually deliver is the key. Check reviews online and see what they refer to. If they’re only left at the start of a process, that can be a warning. Fees aren’t always an indicator of good or bad service either so it’s worth doing some research.

  • What do you think?

Sometimes, you need to just trust your instinct. 

  • Do you feel like they listened or did they just sell to you? 
  • Did you feel like they were honest with you or were they just telling you what you wanted to hear? 
  • Was there a main point of contact or will you be kept on hold being passed between people?

You’ll be working with them for at least the length of a tenancy, usually six months, so you’ve got to feel comfortable you can trust them.

If you’d like a free, no-obligation chat about letting property in Banbury, give us a call on 01295 234750.

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