Property not Selling? – Is it time to change your estate agent

Selling your home can be an exciting but stressful time. Sometimes things don’t go as well as you’d hope, and your home isn’t snapped up quickly. What are your options if you’re in this position and your home seems stuck on the market?

Why You Might Want to Change Agent

The reasons behind changing agent can be many but often boil down to feeling like you were promised the earth but it wasn’t delivered. Some common issues are:

  • You’ve had no viewings and no explanation as to why, or what the agent has been doing to generate any.
  • People haven’t been properly qualified prior to viewings so the property would never have been suitable in the first place.
  • You’ve not received constructive feedback from viewings.
  • You’ve not heard from the agent about the marketing strategy (if there is one).

Check Your Contract

Sometimes, you can find that you’re tied into a long contract. Some agencies have contracts lasting up to 6 months.

Check the small print about giving notice. You might find that you must give as much as 28 days’ notice before you are out of the contract.

Who to Look to Next?

If you feel you’ve been treated well as a potential buyer, that is a great sign. It is more than likely that an agent’s excellent communication skills with their potential buyers are indicative of how they’ll treat you. So, consider this;

  • While you’ve been on the market, who have you been impressed by? 
  • Who have you spoken to about your home hunting that listened, with empathy? 
  • Who has regularly been in touch with you to check how things have been progressing?

Check out our testimonials. You can confidently expect the same levels of excellent customer care whether you’re buying from us or selling with us.

To have a confidential chat about your property’s sale feel free to call us on 01608 695252.


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