Six Mistakes to avoid making When Selling Your Property

Over pricing

In 2018 Zoopla analysed the data it had on the initial price properties were listed for and their final sale price and discovered that properties that were overpriced can take two months longer to sell than properties that start with a realistic sale price.


One of the key filters on property websites is price so if your property is overpriced fewer people are going to see it and those that do will be comparing it, likely unfavourably, to others in that price bracket.


Inevitably you will have to lower your price as your property remains unsold. Buyers however, are keen to see properties that are new to the market as they believe that there must be something wrong with properties that have been on the market for a while.


Over personalised

You are selling your buyers their future home. If you have covered the walls with posters or personal photos consider taking them down. That way buyers can see the potential of a room without being overwhelmed by the sight of your personal belongings.


Neutral tones

When you put your property on the market you need to remember that if your taste is rather eccentric it can delay you selling your property and maybe even lower the price you eventually get for your home. Buyers like properties that they can put their own stamp on. If you have any particularly garishly decorated rooms do consider redecorating in neutral tones to increase your chances of a quick sale.


Take children and pets out

Potential buyers want to be able to look around your home in peace. Being trailed by children and pets, especially if they are allergic or terrified of your four-legged friends, can not only make them feel uncomfortable but will also ruin their opportunity to look at your home properly.


Clean and declutter

Dirty houses immediately make a bad impression and clutter can make even a large house feel claustrophobic. Take some time to declutter and clean your house. Cleaning windows can increase the amount of light entering your home, if it is evening turn on your lights to create a warm glow. Making coffee and baking bread during viewings are a cliché but the smell of furniture polish and fresh flowers are an easy way to make a home feel loved and cared for.


Choose the right estate agent

Choosing the first estate agent who comes to value your home or selecting an agent simply because they suggested the highest price can lead to problems further down the line. Take time to ask several agents to value your home and discuss with them why they think your property is worth the value they have suggested. Ask for examples of other local properties that they have sold in recent months, the prices they have achieved for them and the length of time that they have taken to sell them. Reviews from past clients are invaluable when choosing an estate agent to trust to sell your property.

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