Space Sells So Make the Most of Yours

There are some lovely things about having smaller rooms. They can be cosy, quicker to clean, and cheaper to decorate. However, filling them can happen all too fast. Learn how to make the most of a small space with our handy tips.

Use colour

Light colours can help create a sense of space. Darker colours often create a cosier feeling. Soft tones of cooler colours, like green or blue, add an airy feel.

Co-ordinate items

Using colours that contrast will appear to break up the space. This can make a room feel smaller. If you can find furniture to match your wall colour, or vice versa, the two blend with one another. This creates a more open feeling.

Use lighting

Well-lit rooms look bigger. Clever use of lighting and reflective surfaces, like mirrors, will bring out the best in a room. Clean the windows and remove any heavy curtains to allow in natural light.

Think fabric

As we have mentioned curtains, it’s worth thinking about fabric in general. Sheer fabrics let light through, whilst providing privacy. They also work for valances or even tablecloths.

Upsize the furniture

The rule used to be ‘small space, small furniture’. This can actually make a room feel cluttered. Choose big, multifunctional pieces instead. For example, an ottoman can be used as a seat or a coffee table.

Find the joy

Declutter – the more you can clear the space in a small room, the more space you’ll have. Donate to charity shops or sell items online to give them another lease of life.

If you’re stuck and would like a second opinion on how to make the most of your small space, just get in touch.

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