The Top Ten Things Landlords in Banbury Can Do to Prosper in 2021

In this two-minute speed read we look at 10 things you can do as a landlord to make 2021 a year to remember for all the right reasons.

1 – Review your buy to let mortgages. Great deals are continually coming to the market. Don’t miss out on significant savings.

2- Take stock of your insurance arrangements. Do you have the right amount of cover across the correct areas?

3 – Budget for the unexpected. Always have a financial buffer in place to protect you just in case you experience voids or repairs.

4 – Remember the old saying ‘A stitch in time saves nine’? Well, it also applies to your property’s maintenance. Keeping on top of issues and maintaining the condition of the home regularly pays dividends over time.

5 – Start as you mean to go on. A nice touch is to provide new tenants with a home warming gift.

6 – Show long term tenants you appreciate them with a gift around their tenancy renewal time.

7 – Choose your letting agent with care. Look for a good track record and ask to speak with some landlords they currently work with.

8 – Stay legal. A good letting agent will help you stay the right side of the reams of regulations, red tape, and lettings laws.

9 – Be aware that the DIY approach to lettings comes at a cost. We are happy to provide a let only service, but the value our fully managed option gives our landlords is more than just a monetary one. We can take the hassle and stress out of being a landlord by doing everything for you.

10 – Call us, and we can help you with all the previous nine steps. We’ll put you on the path to rental property prosperity.

We’d like to wish all our landlords, tenants, and the Banbury community a happy, healthy, and safe 2021. Here’s to better times ahead.


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