Why Landlords Need to Have a Plan around Boilers

The clocks have gone back, and Christmas adverts are popping up all over the place.

Which means winter is well and truly upon us.

And while some people might welcome that, landlords can often dread the colder months.

Usually, that’s because if there are potential issues with the boilers heating their rental homes, the winter months will bring them to the fore.

Here’s a straightforward five-point plan to ensure your boilers stay working, you stay legally compliant, and your tenants keep safe and warm.

  • By law, your boiler must have a Gas Safety Certificate to show it’s safe when renting out a property. Know when your renewal test is due.
  • Only use Gas Safe registered engineers to carry out checks, repairs, and installations.
  • Consider using a letting agent to manage your property and keep you and your rental properties compliant.
  • Always keep money in an emergency account in case the worst happens and you need to replace your boiler.
  • In our experience, ‘going cheap’ on a boiler is a recipe for more expense down the line. A good boiler, installed and maintained by qualified gas engineers, should last you between 10 and 15 years.

We’re aware of the changing face of home energy sources, but for now, boilers and gas central heating are by far the biggest.

Remember that strict laws govern the gas safety of boilers in rental properties, and falling foul of these can cost you thousands of pounds, months of stress, and even time in jail.

If you have any questions about your responsibilities as a landlord in AREA, call us today.

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